How much do you know about PVC window blinds? Do you know that the full name (albeit a scientific one) for PVC is polyvinyl chloride? PVC is actually a type of polymer. All polymers belong to the plastic group too. Therefore, PVC is a type of plastic.

PVC is different from vinyl

Don’t be confused about these 2 terms. Ventanas PVC Termopanel en Puerto Montt PVC window blinds and vinyl window blinds are totally different from each other. PVC is actually the subset of the vinyl family. Think of PVC as the little brother of the vinyl material. Vinyl a part of the plastic family too. Both PVC and vinyl belong to the polymer group.

When cleaning PVC blinds, you can’t use strong cleaners

This can damage the blind’s texture and material. Try to avoid harsh chemicals that are meant for removing tough stains. The golden rule is to stick to soft cleaners or detergents and your PVC blind will be fine.

In fact, you should only use a damp cloth (soaked with water and squeezed) to do the cleaning. In most cases, you don’t have to use cleaners if the blind is in your room. But if you put your blind in the kitchen (dirty and oily place), then follow the mild cleaner advice.

Look for the UV inhibitors feature

When you buy PVC blinds, make sure they come with this feature. This way, UV rays are less likely to penetrate and get inside your house and damage your skin.


The biggest benefit of using PVC window blinds is their low price. Compared to wood or faux wood blinds, PVC window blinds are always cheaper than almost by half of the former’s price.